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What is a risk assessment web application?

The Risk Assessment web application is a digital platform assisted by an occupational safety specialist that allows you to manage the risk assessment process in a way that is convenient for you. If you use a web application, you will not have to print the input data manually, set up the spreadsheet manually, adjust the size of the spreadsheet graphs, and will be able avoid the inconvenience of using office software. You can also use the web application using your mobile phone or tablet. Consequently, you will be able to assess the risks in the workplace during the site inspection process. The completed table shows a photo of the violation from your phone and / or computer with the click of a button. The document created in the web application is archived and you can download it in PDF format.

Choosing the package

The risk assessment web application can be used by any type of economic activity organization. The Workplace Risk Assessment Rule approval order sets out the minimum amount of time an employer must assess and document workplace risks. A) Particularly high risk sectors - within 10 calendar days; B) very high risk sectors - within 15 calendar days; C) High risk sectors - within 30 calendar days; D) Medium risk sectors - within 4 months; E) Low risk sectors - within 6 months. However, this is a minimum legal requirement and due to various factors (identified new hazard, technical change made, employee change of workplace / space, production process, workplace accident, change of working environment conditions), you may need to create more risk assessment document, than required by law. Packages differ from each other in the number of objects to be registered. Accordingly, if you provide services to 5 objects, you can choose the premium package, which allows you to register 5 objects to work in the web application. Note that during the package validity period, the customer does not have the ability to modify already registered objects. The possibility of replacing the old object will be given to the customer in case of purchasing a new package.

Instruction Video

Watch the video instruction for using the web application. If you have any further questions, please contact us via messenger or email.




GEL / Month

This package allows you to register one object - 10 GEL



GEL / Month

This package allows you to register five objects - 20 GEL

Premium +


GEL / Month

This package allows you to register ten objects - 35 GEL



GEL / Month

This package allows you to register unlimited number of objects - 50 GEL