About us

The goal of our team was to respond to the challenges of the labor safety market and to provide the highest quality customer service. we have created a website https://tsm-app.ge, through which we offer the following services to interested parties: 1. Risk assessment web application. The Risk Assessment web application is an assistive digital platform for the Occupational Safety Specialist that allows the user to manage the risk assessment process in a way that is convenient for them. The risk assessment form used in the application fully complies with the standards set by the State Order on Risk Assessment in the Workspace. In the process of working on our web application, the user does not have to manually arrange the spreadsheet and adjust the size of its graphs, and can avoid the inconvenience caused by using office programs. Due to the fact that the application can be used using a phone and a tablet, the user has the opportunity to manage the risk assessment process during the on-site inspection. 
The document created in the web application is archived and the user can download it in PDF format.