Risk assessment web application

Use the web application we created to save time. Register and create your own work space.


Occupational Safety Specialist Mock Exam Portal

Risks rate web app

For the first time in Georgia! Register and use the Occupational Safety Assistant web application. How can a web application help a risk assessor? 1. The web application allows you to comfortably manage the risk assessment procedure and fill in the spreadsheets in a simplified form. 2. The specialist will be able to fill in the risk assessment form using a tablet / mobile phone. 3. The user can attach the photos of the violation to the table with one click. 4. The risk assessor can save the completed spreadsheet in PDF format and send it by e-mail. 5. Web application gives you the opportunity to replace office programs and save valuable time.


Technical Manuals

We offer to compile instructions for your employees on the basis of organic labor safety law based on the technical manuals provided by the manufacturer of the machinery and tools used on the construction site.